Player Piano Purchased for Seniors

After waiting for more than 18 months, Susie Ashley, former owner of the 1980 player piano, arrived at the Trigg County Senior Citizens Center to teach Carolyn Bland, Director, TCSCC,Cissy Lawrence, Administrative Assistant, (TCSCC) and others how to use and operate the unique player piano.
After a round of listening, singing and banging out old timey tunes such as, Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head, Battle Hymn of the Republic, Copacabana and several others from the 1930’s and 1940’s,   Bland noted that the player piano was priceless.   “Our folks are  really going to enjoy this. In the spring we are planning a  Senior Prom and this is going to be perfect” she said.
The piano was purchased 18 months ago by the Cadiz Rotary Club from Susie Ashley for the Senior Citizens Center.  Ashley had originally donated the piano to the auction and when it didn’t sell  the Cadiz Rotary Club bought it for the Senior Citizens Center Media Center in their new facility.  Ashley,who is  retired from Research Systems Cooperation moved to Cadiz  2 years. She had the piano built in 1980 for her personal use. “I played in a band, played the Clarinet, Saxophone and piano for hours using the rolls of music for great sing-a-longs. I hope the Center can enjoy them as much as we did.” Ashley said.
Everyone involved wanted to wait to use and play the piano until after it was moved to the center’s new building, which was accomplished this past month.
Carl McCammon, 2008-2009,  Cadiz Rotary Auction,  chairman was on hand to deliver the more than 50 rolls of music that made the transaction complete.
Seniors Gather around the Player Piano to Sing

from right to left- Sitting at the 1980 handmade player piano are Susie Ashley, Carl McCammon,Past President Cadiz Rotary, Cissy Lawrence, Linda Caldwell and Carolyn Bland, Director, Trigg County Senior Citizens Center(TCSCC).