Rotary Auction Unveils New Country Store and Soda Fountain

Sometimes a person yearns for the nostalgic times of yesteryears, when dogs and boys with sticks chased balls down small town streets, and when a trip to town meant a wonderful tour through the local country store.
“I can remember when I was young going around the community with my granddad to the country stores. You would go in and get a drink and a snack, talk to your friends, and then look around the store and find something special to buy. Something you wouldn’t get anywhere else.” Reminisced  Ginger Estes, this year’s chair for the Radio Auction’s Country Store. 

“That’s what I always think of when someone mentions, ‘Country Store,’ I remember the excitement of being with granddad and the fun we had finding those hidden away places browsing shelves that were packed tight with everything from flour sack to jacks.
  This year’s country store is surely born out of Ginger’s passion for finding a good bargain, and her good memories of her granddad.

Cadiz Rotoary Auction Country Store

“When we thought of doing the country store for the auction, we felt it should have that same kind of atmosphere. We wanted the country store to be a place to browse around and find that special little something for your grandchild, son or daughter or maybe even you.” 

She said.
If you weren’t able to donate a big auction board item, you can donate something $25 or less to the country store. Whether you’re donating or buying, the country store will enable those hit by the financial crisis to contribute to the Rotary Auction.
If you are looking for delicious snacks, a fun toy for the kids or useful things for your home you can find them at the Rotary Radio Auction’s great Country Store and Soda Fountain.  Ginger’s plan is to make the Country Store something new and fun for everyone to enjoy.   Stop by, no bidding required, everything will be priced to sell and while you’re at it,  pick up a bag of pop corn and a cold drink at the Soda Fountain.
The Country Store will be open 5pm to 9 pm, every night, April 15 through April 19 and located inside the Cadiz Baptist Annex, downtown Main Street, across from the Bank of Cadiz.  Rotary also has a new website up and running so, you can look at some of the items for sale.