Annual Cadiz Rotary Radio Auction

The Annual Cadiz Rotary Radio Auction is set for April 15-19, 2013, at the Cadiz Baptist Church Annex, 82 Main Street, Cadiz KY.

The auction is the only fundraiser of the Rotary Club of Cadiz and the largest fundraiser per capita of Rotary International. During the 2009-10 auction the forty-nine member club raised over $170,000 and over the past forty-seven years has raised well over one million dollars to benefit the youth and senior adults of Trigg County.

The goal of the Rotary Club has always been to use fifty cents of every dollar raised to provide financial assistance to every qualified student who applies to the Cadiz Rotary scholarship/grant program. In 2003, members began to see the cost of post secondary education escalating out of sight and saw a need to place greater emphasis on higher education for academic scholars and grants for the “average student with above average financial needs.” (Beth Mann, President 2003). Since then, Rotary has invested over one quarter million dollars in scholarships and grants (most renewable) and other educational opportunities for the youth of this community. The success of that goal can’t be measured in dollars and cents; instead you will find it measured in the lives and careers of the students who have received diplomas.