Thank you for a Very Successful 2014 Auction

To the community and fellow Rotarians,


Every year The Rotary Club of Cadiz Kentucky serves thousands of people in its local community and the major funding for these philanthropic endeavors is the Cadiz Rotary Annual Auction.  This year’s Auction was an outstanding success (raising $325,000) enabling the Rotarian to invest much of that money back into the community to better serve the Youth and Senior Citizens of Trigg County. It is through the efforts and generosity individuals, businesses and organizations which has assured the Auction’s success.

I firmly believe success is in its people, so as the 2014 Cadiz Rotary Radio Auction Chair and on behalf of the entire Rotary Club membership, I wish to thank everyone who gave of their time, effort, and support. It would be impossible to reach our fundraising goals without the collective and united efforts of the following people:

The Bidder who raised the bar! … Thank you for your support of the cause

The Financial Donors …… thank you for your charitable giving;

The entire Rotary Membership …… Thank you for your commitment and marathon-like energy in the months leading up to the event;

and to all the donors who donated our auction items …… a very deep thank you for your generosity.

A big thank you also goes to our partner WKDZ 106.5 FM for giving us the opportunity to reach out not only to our community but to the entire state, nation and world!

Rotarians are exceptional people and, with a motto of Service Above Self, the very existence of a Rotary organization in a community promises a united effort by business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service, build goodwill and improve quality of life.  I foresee a great future for the Cadiz-Trigg County community, our community, as we move forward supporting our youth through scholarships, and our seniors through our monetary philanthropy.

My sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you who helped make this auction “the best yet.”


Penny Jones, 2014 Rotary Auction ChairPenny Jones

Cadiz Rotary Radio Auction Chair