Students, anywhere, any age can now donate

So you’re a student… and you’re wondering:

“I’m in school right now… and the Cadiz Rotary has helped me go far… how can I give something back to community?”

The Rotary has gifted thousands of dollars in scholarships to individuals as well grants to school groups that made field trips and educational class events possible each year. Students give backMany students wish to give a little something back, to show their support by giving finacially back to the community.

The “Next Generation Fund” allows active students – of any age, any grade and attending school any where – to contribute donations without meeting the traditional benchmark of the Century Club donations.



Bronze Level









You may donate any amount through the yellow donation button (securely through PayPal – and you do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card). Contributors of $25 or more will be

  • considered Next Generation Club Members
  • mentioned on the air during WKDZ’s broadcast of the Rotary Annual Auction and
  • published in TWO publications from the Cadiz Record (one of which is the Cadiz Rotary Radio Auction TAB, a 20 page supplement to the ‘Record published the week prior to the auction).


*You will be redirected to the PayPal site to complete your transaction. You will also be prompted to provide us the name of the school you are currently attending.